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How does EcoBonus work?

Upload product receipts or enter codes from product packages to collect points and earn rewards for purchasing natural, eco-conscious, or socially responsible products. Take advantage of all the other EcoBonus benefits and features while you're at it!

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What is EcoBonus?

EcoBonus is not an online store. It’s a rewards program and information community for your healthy lifestyle— good for you and the planet. We’re on a mission to make informed shopping easy, affordable, and rewarding.

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Where does the information come from?

We’ve teamed up with leading product experts and data providers to give you a wealth of product ratings and certifications that are unbiased—so you can feel confident in your product decisions.

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How is EcoBonus funded?

Companies pay EcoBonus to issue coupons, samples, and points to interested shoppers. EcoBonus shares insights about consumer preferences to help companies understand their customers, so they can develop better products and reward people for brand loyalty.

Some companies sponsor EcoBonus to show their support. This doesn’t affect their product or brand ratings, which are determined by unbiased third-party experts. But EcoBonus does let reward partners feature their products and brand stories on the site.