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At Annie’s, we think down-to-earth foods with simple ingredients are something every family can feel good about. For over 20 years we’ve proven that convenient foods can still be healthy

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In 1989, the Annie’s team created Annie’s Homegrown because they loved convenient comfort food, but didn’t love the fake chemical ingredients they saw in many products on grocery store shelves. Annie Withey, mac and cheese creator, also saw this as a chance to create a different kind of company—one that was (and still is!) committed to a sustainable environment.  So, she set out to make a delicious, all-natural version of macaroni and cheese. And, faster than bunnies can multiply, Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese became a word-of-mouth phenomenon. Annie’s brand has now grown to include a whole pantryful of items, but the same love, attention to detail, and commitment to quality goes into every product.
Today, Annie lives on her certified organic farm in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters where she grows a wide variety of vegetables and flowers for her local co-op and farmer’s market.  She remains the inspiration and corporate conscience for the Annie’s family of products.

Simple Ingredients

For more than 20 years, we’ve proven simple ingredients add up to better taste. From our signature comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and grahams to our refreshing salad dressings, we’re all about goodness from the ground up. We say “yes” to ingredients that come straight from nature and “no” to icky additives, pesticides and artificial colors. Annie’s products are delicious organic and natural alternatives to traditional convenience foods, snacks, cereal and more. We make products that kids choose and mothers want to serve.
Where do we find our ingredients? The farms, of course. We don’t care for labs. We work with a small group of trusted suppliers and have developed long-term relationships with a number of family farmers and strategic partners who have similar core values to Annie’s.

Think Organic

What can we say—with a farmer as our visionary leader, we dig dirt. Rich, healthy soil that hasn’t been treated with chemical pesticides or fertilizers is where all organic ingredients begin. We believe the best tasting food comes from the simplest ingredients, from the wheat to the cheese. We strongly support organic and sustainable farming because it is better for consumers, farmers, and the environment. We not only support organic, but we buy organic. We feel it is worth the extra pennies and attention. We label our organic products and leave the choice up to you!


We are profoundly concerned about potential harmful effects GMO crops (Genetically Modified Organisms) have on our soil, water, and air. Annie’s thinks consumers should have the choice of knowing what’s in their food, and believes GMO ingredients should be labeled as such, so consumers can make a fully informed choice. Annie’s uses only non-GMO ingredients. Annie’s supports the Non-GMO Project, an independent third-party verification process to ensure every possible step is taken to mitigate the risks of GMO migration.


We are even proud of our boxes! At Annie’s, we’re serious bunnies about doing good for you and all earth’s inhabitants. Recycling, composting, and making smart energy choices are just a few ways we’re reducing our bunny footprint. We’re always looking at ways to improve, and constantly working on new projects!

Annie’s chooses packaging materials that are friendly to our Earth. All of our packages are made with recycled content and vegetable-based inks, and all of them can be tossed in the recycling bin. We use post-consumer recycled materials whenever possible—for example, our boxes are made from 100% recycled paper fiber with a minimum of 35% post-consumer content. 

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Annie's History


Did You Know?

“Bernie” was Annie Withey’s beloved pet, a real gray-and-white Dutch. Bernie appears on every box of Annie’s products as the official mascot and “Rabbit of Approval,” guaranteeing each meal is made with the best natural and organic ingredients available.