Brittanie’s Thyme

Brittanie’s Thyme is a women-owned, USDA-certified organic manufacturer of personal care products that are safe, effective, and affordable. The company produces four lines: Outdoor Harmony, organic bug spray and bug bite relief; Mindful Beauty, facial care for women; Facial Freedom, facial care for young adults and men; and Full Breath, cold and sinus products.

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Brittanie’s Thyme originated from a need to provide skin care for CEO and Founder Nancy Metzger’s granddaughter Brittanie, due to severe skin sensitivities. She used knowledge of herbs and training as an esthetician help identify and produce options for Brittanie’s care, which evolved into an ever expanding offering of products that cater to both those with sensitivities and those seeking safer natural alternatives. The company began selling at the retail level in late 2007.

Brittanie’s Thyme decided to become USDA NOP certified in 2009, because it is the most stringent, and trusted, organic certification in the marketplace. The company was also one of only 322 companies that became fully compliant with the Safe Cosmetics Campaign and was granted “Champion” status in 2011. It was also a top ten nominee for Green America’s “People’s Choice Award” in 2010 and is a “Gold” Green America Business.

Products are sold through many physicians’ offices, select Whole Foods, HomeTown Pharmacies, and independent retailers throughout the United States. They are also exported to Japan.

As Brittanie’s Thyme grows, the company’s commitment to organic integrity is also increasing. All new products are formulated to meet USDA organic regulations. No fillers, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances, or dyes are used in any products and there is no animal testing.

Brittanie’s Thyme—because your skin takes it all in.TM


Facial Freedom is the newest and fastest growing line by Brittanie’s Thyme. It was developed for young adults and is also an excellent line of products for men of all ages. The products are all designed to be very gentle and healing. Both young adults and men tend to over cleanse, stripping the skin’s natural oils and defenses, causing an over production of oil that can lead to breakouts and a ruddy appearance. The products are gluten-free according to FDA standards and all are USDA certified organic and vegan.

Indeed, consumers are singing the praises of the Facial Freedom Gentle Toner, which won a Third Annual “Beauty with a Conscience Award” (in the toner/cleanser category) from Natural Solutions.

Meanwhile, the Outdoor Harmony Organic Bug Spray won the Fig and Sage “Best In Natural Beauty” award for the insect repellent category.

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Brittanie’s Thyme works with many nonprofit organizations, providing samples, items for fundraisers, and cash donations. The company has provided assistance to Doctors Without Borders, North County Health Services (HIV/AIDS Outreach), Breast Cancer Fund, Cancer Association, Safe Cosmetics, several school associations throughout the country, Garfield Conservatory, among many others.

The company especially likes to focus on aiding organizations and campaigns that focus on issues of health. This is because our main objective is to provide healthy, effective, organic alternatives to conventional personal care products.

Brittanie’s Thyme Successfully Complies

More than 1,500 companies signed the Compact for Safe Cometics from its inception in 2004 until 2011. Of those companies willing to sign the compact, only 322 fully met the Safe Cosmetics standards by the campaign’s close. One of those select companies was Brittanie’s Thyme.