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Good Clean Love is a certified woman-owned business (WBENC) whose mission is to increase both the quantity and quality of loving relationships in the world. We provide natural and organic sexual well-being products that support the body, build lasting relationships, explore intimate connections, and bring the fun back into love.

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Dear EcoBonus Member,

I am in the business of love. I founded Good Clean Love in 2003 to increase the quantity and quality of loving relationships in the world. The original impetus for the business came from my own search for healthy and clean intimacy products that didn’t cause a painful reaction after use. I learned that 90% of the intimacy products on the market were made with potentially harmful chemicals and that there were millions of women who shared my plight.

In manufacturing and selling my own formulations of organic and all-natural love products, I found my real passion: teaching. It started with sharing the knowledge that I had acquired regarding the importance of healthy ingredients and blossomed into what I most passionately communicate about: making love sustainable. Our weekly newsletter of the same name has a dedicated following of 8,000 people. Over the years, thousands of people have sought me out for relationship advice and have continuously opened their hearts to me. They have dubbed me a “loveologist,” and it is both an honor and a responsibility to which I feel lucky to dedicate myself.

Thank you for supporting Good Clean Love and EcoBonus. Together we can effect loving change in the world and make it a better place.

Best regards,
Wendy Strgar, Founder and Loveologist, Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love is an approved Co-Op America Green Company that strives to reduce its impact while simultaneously providing the highest quality ingredients and recyclable packaging materials available. Also a signer of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Good Clean Love is continuously working to educate physicians and retail stores about the importance of clean and healthful ingredients in love products. Good Clean Love believes it is essential to eradicate the use of petrochemicals and parabens in intimacy products. The company provides product samples to doctors’ offices and cancer treatment centers.   

Product highlights:

  • No parabens
  • No petrochemicals
  • No glycerin
  • All-natural and -organic ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals nationwide
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Did You Know?

Good Clean Love Oil uses essential oils to stimulate the limbic part of the brain, where emotion, memory, and arousal are stored. An aroma that enters your nose can spark off an immediate chain-reaction in your brain.